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  1. Surge in New CPG Products in Response to Health, Wellness Demand
  2. Study: Millennial Disinterest, Weak Promos Take Toll on Consumables
  3. Reynolds to Phase Out Smoking in its Offices

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  1. STEPS 2.0 - Driving Sales & Profits at Retail
  2. S. Abraham & Sons Inc. SBX
  3. 2014 LAW Annual Convention Cruise
  4. Team Modern 2014 Vendor Summit
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Convenience Distribution™ Magazine

AWMA’s Magazine for the Convenience Supply Chain

Convenience Distribution™  magazine ( is the official magazine of the American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA), owned and published by AWMA.  We cover a wide range of topics of interest to the wholesale distributors of candy, tobacco, snacks, groceries, foodservice, general merchandise and other convenience store products, as well as to manufacturers, brokers, retailers and others allied to the convenience products industry.

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  • AWMA Hall of Fame: Tom Joyce
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  • Team Sledd: Guts to Glory
  • The Distributor’s Competitive Edge
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